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In the world of live kinky porn, like the world of man, not all things are created equal. is a site that, while on the surface, looks similar to many others, viewing it from that angle would be a mistake, because appearances can be deceiving.

I'm here to let you know where they differ, and stand out.

MyCams sets itself apart from the competition nicely, providing a simple, professional service to it's users.


One of the sexy girls of

I'll be unpacking some of the finer details, and providing you with the inside info, in my review of

I want to make sure every reader comes away, ready to make an informed decision about their place of whacking, and if My Cams is a good fit.

My Considered Thoughts

MyCams has a nice, easy to follow layout, on top of an impressive webcam model base.

It's set up in a way that makes it look like many other sites, but you shouldn't be fooled.

The layout looks that way because it's professionally designed, and a lot of sites are going to emulate more or less the same kind of look.

A little taste of what the MyCams fetish homepage has to offer.

Their large selection of fetish chat rooms on offer is one of the many draws of MyCams.

My Cams features no lack of choices, from vanilla, all the way to the extra spicy, their model selection is sure to have someone to suit you.

Anything from submissive fetish webcam girls, to dominants, ready to put you in your place, if you're looking to be disciplined.

There's also a range of couples, guys, and trans webcam performers, so MyCams has you covered.

Whatever you're seeking, so long as it's legal, it has a home on

They make it simple to join as a free user, no credit card required, and no paywalls like you might find with other sites.

One of's fetish webcam girls, showing us the ropes, as it were.

The credits are priced competitively, and the quality you find in My Cams paid fetish chat rooms is above and beyond what most have to offer.

Their selection of models alone makes them a clear choice for your live kinky porn.

What Sets MyCams Apart

MyCams is not a free service by any means, nor freemium, though viewing the free sections of their fetish chat rooms is possible with no registration whatsoever.

You can just start feeling out the varieties of fetish webcam girls featured, before you even think of spending money.

Just don't get attached, she'll be in a private show soon.

If it's a free, adult live chat site you're after, my fetish review might be more up your ally.

CamSoda has some really cool features, and a lot to offer without putting up a dollar, but is far, far less polished and professional than MyCams.

There ain't no such thing as a free lunch, and when you spend nothing, you usually get nothing, which is why pay services exist.

Another one of's live kinky porn performers.

MyCams even offers a level of quality assurance, giving users the ability to receive a refund in the event of a disappointing show, on a case by case basis.

This is a step above and beyond what many adult webcam chat sites offer, and it's one of MyCams standout qualities.

In addition, they offer a first time bonus of 9.99 credits, on top of any credit purchase, to entice new users into buying a reasonably priced credit package.

But My Cams isn't done doling out the bonuses yet.

As a new user you're entitled to 10 free sneak previews into active private chats, featuring all the best live, kinky porn MyCams has to offer, showing you a bit of what you get in their paid fetish chat rooms, though these peeks are only 20 seconds long.

The MyCams layout is, as previously stated, well formatted and set up for ease of searching, with an easily understood sidebar menu.

The search feature, for sorting through fetish webcam girls.

This menu has 3 tabs, Girls, Guys, Tranny, and along with those choices is another menu, covering a variety of features, kinks, and fetishes.

Then you have the advances search tab, where your options are laid out in even greater detail, allowing you to select from a wider selection of kinks, fetishes, body features, genders, sexual preferences, basically anything you could think of in imagining your perfect fetish webcam girl.

Mobile Site Access

The simplicity of the interface when using My Cams mobile, and the quality of the site design is instantly apparent upon giving it a look.

Enter your mobile browser of choice, and a properly optimized experience awaits you, with well laid out menus and selections.

MyCams mobile has a very unique feature in mobile live cam chat.

This is what MyCams mobile looks like.

Instead of having a standard system, where you pinch to resize your window to see the whole frame, you have the ability to pan around the feed.

That way you can focus on any part of the frame whenever you want, and access the site from bed, work, wherever you want.

This is referred to by MyCams as their Panorama technology, and it's a rather interesting little feature.

This feature seems to be somewhat new, and all the bugs, and compatibility settings haven't been worked out yet.

It requires accelerometer support, which my phone has, but it didn't detect.

I didn't have any trouble using a few friends devices, however, and when it works, it's a nifty, novel technology to use.

Turning to landscape orientation offers you a much larger view, so if Panorama doesn't work for you, it's the next best thing.

Anything Else?

On top of the benefits MyCams offers new users, you have the ability to save your favorite fetish chat rooms, with any registered profile. hosts a virtual award for their top 100 webcam models, giving users the ability to cast their votes, and boost the popularity of their own favorite fetish webcam girls.

Tips aren't the only way to show your appreciation on My Cams, though always welcome, to be sure.

Cast a vote for your favorite girl, let them know, and you might earn an extra treat in your next private chat!

All registered users display their chosen user names to the webcam models, giving you the ability to set yourself apart from the pack.

Another of MyCams.coms fetish webcam girls, ready to punish you.

With a premium membership, you also gain the ability to send your favorite models offline private messages as well.

Upgrading to a premium membership is as simple as making a purchase of a credit package, which you will want to do fairly quickly on MyCams.

When it comes to model photo galleries on, they're quite limited in comparison to a lot of other sites, with most performers not hosting any additional content for free.

If you're looking for another professional, attractive live kinky porn site, check out my review of's fetish chat rooms.

Streamate's models typically host a lot of free content, but the free chat isn't as good, tends to switch over to private too quickly.

Streamate lacks the camera quality requirements My Cams holds, but they do have the option to adjust quality manually, which MyCams lacks.

They're a solid site with some enticing features, they don't stack up directly with MyCams but they are a possible, attractive option.

Becoming a Member

Signing up for a basic MyCams membership couldn't be easier.

This is what the registration form looks like.

Just provide your email, user name, and password, and there you go, instant access.

You're not required to have a credit card on file for a basic MyCams membership, which places it a cut above many competitors.

You don't even need to verify your email address until you make your first credit purchase, you can just start checking out the models.

Varieties of Chat

The chat types available from are free live chat, and private chat.

Free chat is, as the name implies, free. It's free to all without any registration, just come in and have a look around.

It's a fun way the live kinky porn sites let you sample the scene before you come to a decision, though some free sections are better than others.

A fetish webcam girl having a smoke, from my review of

MyCams is one of those that falls into the "better" category of what they offer for free.

Models seem to show off for tips in free chat a bit more on My cams than they might on other sites, like the aforementioned

The other chat level, private chat, grants users one on one communication with their chosen fetish webcam girls.

Other users are allowed to peek into your private chat for a credit a minute, but they have no say in how the show progresses, no communication.

In private, the popular Cam 2 Cam feature is enabled, letting your chosen model watch you have fun too.

MyCams features some of the best fetish chat rooms in the business, and as fun as the free chats are, private is the way to go in the end.

Quality of Video

The quality featured on is stellar, with 720p minimum quality feeds, with most models having a 1080p setup, minimum.

This is an example of a feed with a quality above 1080p from MyCams

There are even some UltraHD feeds to be found on MyCams, but no 4k.

If you're at all interested in 4k live, adult chat shows, you're pretty much SOL.

Chaturbate is one of few sites that can boast true 4k quality feeds.

If Chaturbate seems like a site you want to check out, you can visit my review, hopefully after reading this one though.

They're a freemium service, with some paid options available, and some attractive features.

These include optional 4k feeds, a free, fun atmosphere, tip activated toys, but a bland layout, and a distinctive "didn't pay for it" feeling.

Pay services are always going to be the superior option.

Your local bank may give away free hotdogs to customers every week, doesn't mean you're won't want to pay for a nice steak instead.

Onward and forward.

One issue with the My Cams system is a lack of quality adjustment in shows.

It does attempt buffering and dropping the quality of the feed down, but you don't have the option of setting the quality yourself.

The auto adjust for quality seems slightly hit or miss, but surprisingly, even on weak connections, it keeps the connection steady with good quality. Woah, look at that two foot cock! Enjoy my review of

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

The following lays out the cost, per dollar amount for credit purchases.

Credit purchases also grant premium membership, per 30 day period, after which your premium membership is limited until you make another purchase.

Credits might look expensive, but the quality you can expect from MyCams is an easy justification.

MyCams also offers bonus credits for every purchase of a credit package.


On top of the listed bonuses, there's a gift of 9.99 credits upon credit card verification, to be used for later credit purchases.

Also My Cams has another, somewhat unique feature, premium customer rewards.

Purchase the same credit package 5 times, and you earn an additional 9.99 bonus credits once again.

Their credit package prices are not out of range with any of the top, professionally managed webcam sites we review on

The costs of shows vary.

The average credit per minute cost for a private show is 2.49, with some going much higher, and some going as low as .98 credits per minute.

Newer models tend to charge much less, not having gained any type of following, so that's the place to begin for cheap shows.

Ways to Pay

There are a pretty wide range of payment options available on MyCams, and they are as follows:

Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron, Visa Bleue, Diners Club, Discover Card, JBC Card, and Union Pay.

On top of that, there's another range of alternate payment types.

ACH - Online Checks, European Direct Debit, Online Banking, Click2Pay, Ukash, Pay by Phone, and European Bank Wire Transfer (Advanced Direct Pay.)

How Many XXX Lovelies? boasts a roster of 50,000+ registered models, with over a thousand webcam girls active at any given time.

One of's fetish webcam girls showing off her pvc tanktop.

There's a comparable number of trans performers and couples as well, but when you get to guys, that's when your choices start becoming more limited, by the nature of the beast.

The range of choices on offer from MyCams really is remarkable.

And living on a sphere, what is flying around a massive, natural fusion reactor has given us the unforeseen benefit of granting every internet based business a 24/7 business cycle, including live fetish chat rooms! Hooray for Nicolaus Copernicus!

FAQ and Technical Assistance

The choices for assistance on My cams is extensive, including a detailed FAQ section.

In addition, you have live support chat, support by email, and when it comes to immediate billing problems, they also have a phone line, and an email address connected with their professional billing service.

A screenshot of the MyCams support section.

Positives & Negatives


  • Full HD live cam feeds, 720p minimum, with some feeds better than 1080p.
  • Wide range of fetish webcam girls, trans, guys, couples, what have you.
  • Large selection of payment options.
  • Credits are priced competitively.
  • Average credit per minute cost of a show is reasonable.
  • No membership needed for free live kinky porn shows, no paywall for basic registration.
  • Premium membership status gained, and retained just by periodic, monthly credit purchase of any amount.
  • Solid technical and billing support.


  • Not many negatives to be found, which is good. Lack of cam quality selection is one slight issue.
  • Not free, not free, we're all slaves under the almighty dollar. Really, it's not freemium, you'll want to pay though.
  • MyCams lacks any type of group ticket shows, which is a slight bummer.

Summing it All Up

There's a wide range of amateurs having fun at home, professional webcam models, porn talent, guys, trans, girls, couples, whatever, and they can all be found at!

With customer friendly prices and policies, My Cams will do your respective genitalia right!

The cam quality you'll find on MyCams alone is reason enough to give them your consideration above the competition.

Once you get to the bonuses they offer all their users, and the level of quality, it pushes things right on over the edge.

Are you still reading this? Visit already! It's a professionally managed, maintained, manicured site, unless hairy is your thing, because there's a search field for that.

One of's sexy fetish webcam girls.

I had to struggle to think of negatives in finishing my review of MyCams. My mouse has flown from my hand many-a-time, with the velocity of a soaked soap bar gripped too tightly. My spacebar, and enter keys are completely worn out, to bare plastic.

Hope you enjoyed my review of MyCams, and I know you'll enjoy the site even more.


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