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How have you been, lately? I hope you've been misbehaving with horny Tgirls and if you haven't, I am just going to guess that you haven't been able to find a suitable shemale sex cam arena. Am I right? If so, your search is over. I am reviewing XLoveTrans.com and I have a naughty suspicion that you will be intrigued by what I have to say. Now of course, I can't be sure that this is the live adult webcam arena that you've been fantasizing of. When guys crave transsexual sex chat they tend to be imagining very different things, and I am not even gonna ask what type of filthy desire resides in that head of yours. However, as this XLoveTrans review will quickly demonstrate, this website has some hot pre-op Tgirls and pretty low prices. Don't worry – I have plenty of details. Read the full info below.

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Breathtaking blonde with a pre-op surprise

My considered thoughts

There is a secret club where guys that recognize amazing sex chats go and that, my friends, is the transsexual webcam category. Some guys will just ignore this section of the leading adult webcam sites. I don't think that they don’t want to go there… they're certainly tempted to take a peek, but they're embarrassed or concerned or unsure if the sexy trannies will make them feel like they belong. Well, from my own experience with XLoveTrans, this is the kind of tranny webcam site where people can celebrate their sexual preferences peacefully, privately and discreetly, but at the same time the women here are very wild and into the nude shows. This is not a large service – but it's not a particularly small one. It was fairly easy for me to find a busty Tgirl that I wanted to chat with… actually I found like a dozen and then had to choose.

Latina, blonde, Ebony and Asian transsexual women

Everything is accessible – the video chat rooms, the video archive where you can view the horny transsexual babes in action and the profile pages where you can learn more about a specific chick with dick. Once you're chatting with the babes you can get a better assessment of their skills, and assuming that you've already signed up as a member, you can visit all of the chat rooms for free, unless the big boob tranny is in a private sex show. I was charmed and intrigued by how sweet and lovely the camgirls were and even happier when I discovered that they all had good and even fluent English, which certainly made the dirty-talking more exciting. I don’t know about you, but I like the soft, naughty talking before a live porn show and it's kinda hard to do this when some pretty Asian ladyboy just smiles and nods no matter what you ask her.

Anything else?

If you see an Ebony shemale or a mature transsexual blonde that you like, you don't need to work hard to think of some clever catch phrase that will get her attention. The first stage is to send her "Love" – not real of course, it's just a button you click which is basically no different than whistling when you see some fine hot ass crossing the street. It's more of a show of appreciation than a romantic gesture. You can also use 2 way cams for a more intimate tranny sex show and use emoticons if you like them.

Becoming a member

As soon as you feel up to become a member of X Love Trans, you can click the "Sign up now – it's easy and free" button and proceed to the registration form. You will not need a credit card, you will not need to type in your resume – just choose a password, username and email and you're set and ready to go. This is an important stage, because it will allow you to stay longer in private chat rooms without been kicked out to the registration page. Besides, it takes like a minute, so there is no reason not to do it. The moment you authenticate your e-mail address, you will receive one free video of your choice at a worth $15.00. This video contains a model's hot private show.

Easil registration on XLoveTrans.com

Let's get chatting

You can choose one of three types of tranny sex chats.

  • Free chat – an introductory sessions where you can communicate with the hot Tgirl, but you are not alone and no one gets naked. That is, she won’t – no one is stopping you.
  • Solo shemale sex chat – This is the classic choice: One guy, one beautiful tranny and price is for minute.
  • Shemale couples – There are relatively many transsexual couples on X Love Trans. Cost is about the same as solo chats and the combination varies – sometime you'll see twice trannies, sometime it's a Tgirl with a woman or a guy.
Slim, brunette tranny inside her webam chat rooms

Quality of video

The sex chat quality here is fantastic, but streaming is no better than average. I have watched several tranny porn shows on X Love Tran and enjoyed my time in all cases, but the picture quality is just kay – no HD or anything, and while this is more than enough for me, it might annoy guys who are sensitive to such things. I think that if there are TS tits and some pre-op sex, the rest is irrelevant, but I understand that for some men a live porn show is not worth it unless it's high definition.

Putting your money where your mouth is

While reviewing the best tranny webcams in the world, I have encountered some cheap XXX cam services as well as expensive ones and so one of the earliest stages of my research for this XLoveTrans review was to make sure that prices were fair – I would have wasted your time otherwise. Luckily, in this case, you have no issue – the prices are not the lowest that you'll find, but neither are they high. To be more specific: Cost is around 2 credits per minute and this is true both for solo shemale porn shows and for tranny couples. How much is a credit? See the chart below.

Number of Credits

Cost in USD

Cost Per Credit











Ways to pay

You can pay with leading credit and debit cards including MasterCard, Maestro and Visa. You can also use the always-reliable PayPal, pay with Bitcoin or use your phone to make the payment. There are also some other local payment methods that will change according to your location, so I won’t trouble you with them here. Just remember – if you're really willing to pay, from my experience there is no live adult webcam site in the world that will not make sure that you find some way to do so.

A variety of secure payment methods on xlovetrans.com

How many xxx lovelies?

There are around 8,500 tranny webcam models on XLoveTrans.com. are they all gonna be online when you come by? Fat chance, but there will be around 50 and even 70 or so if you login when the site is full. The chicks are stunning – really breathtaking, so you won’t have any difficulty finding one to chat with.

All of these busty transsexuals want to chat with you on naked webcams

Help when needed

You can fill in a help form or contact the billing support directly. All of this info is under the Help tab and the same one also includes the FAQ      page.

Positives and negatives


✔ - The sexy Tgirls here will make your mouth drool
✔ - Prices for shemale sex chats are pretty low
✔ - You get a free VIP video when you sign up


✖ - Features are not especially memorable
✖ - Web cam quality varies
✖ - The number of options is not huge

Summing it all up

I have to be honest here for a moment. Well, I don’t have to, but I want to. I didn’t have much expectations of XLoveTrans.com and if I did expect something, it was to be disappointed. You see, I knew from the start that this wasn't a massive website like Shemale.com or MyTrannyCams, and I was under the impression that the site was smaller and less exciting than it actually was. The fact is though that while this is only a medium-size portal, the transsexual women it features are exquisite and their more sensual and tempting than the ones you'll see on the leading tranny sexcam portals. I am going to conclude this XLoveTrans review with a simple recommendation: Give this site a chance. It might turn out to be the sexiest, dirtiest surprise that you have ever had – tranny surprise of course.

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