Streamen is an Amateur Gay Cam Site with Many Advantages

Hallo! This is your pal Walter and I am going to tell you about a smoking hot amateur gay cam site. You will hear everything that I know – and I know quite a bit – and will get to hear about sexcam prices, the quality of gay porn shows and any other important detail. As I am sure this Streamen review will quickly demonstrate, this is a kinky sex chat community that has plenty of hardcore options and it's not too hard to find cheap chat rooms. I am not saying that this is a flawless gay cam site – it isn’t, but this review will include the good and the bad, leaving the decision, as always, in your hands.


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My considered thoughts

If this is the first time you're visiting my website, let me start off by saying: What took you so long? Then, I'll run you through how this Streamen review is gonna be like: I will start off with some of my own personal experiences on this website and then continue to reviewing the facts and figures: Prices, membership options, chat tools and everything else. When I did enter this website for the first time I was instantly intrigued – not by the design, which was a bit old fashion, but by the guys. They were hot and friendly and I immediately knew that I was going to have some major difficulties choosing which one of them I want to get to know better first. I settled on a buff, well-equipped man who looked about 25 and had dark-blonde hair and was happy to see that I didn’t need to be a member to chat with him – all I needed to do was click and start.

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I noticed that there weren't all that many features – just the basic ones. I don’t mind – I am a bread and butter kind of guy and as long as I can use 2 way webcam, I am pleased, but if you feel otherwise, this is something to keep in mind. All in all I found the site very welcoming and ideal for novice webcam users. The low number of options – there isn’t much you can do here other than watch sex shows, have free chat and stream some vids – is actually a good thing for those who are making their first steps in the gay cam arena, because there are very few distractions of confusions. This doesn't mean that the models are made just for novices though: These guys are wild and know every feature in the book of kinks.  

Anything else?

The only thing you can do on this adult sexcam site, other than watching porn shows and chatting for free, is seeing amateur gay videos. However, this comes with a price. As far as video chat features are concerned, there are some – but again, nothing incredible. Basically you can communicate via text or audio and use your own web cam to show the model what you are doing while you watch them get dirty.   

Becoming a member

There is only one membership on and it is completely free. However, you will need to register your credit card details in order to complete the registration.

The information you need to join this gay webcam service

Let's get chatting

Most of the video chats on Streamen are probably the same sex chats that you know from anywhere else, but they have some funky names, and there are the Gold shows which need some explaining, so, I will run through them real quick.

  • Free Chat – The free video chats on this gay sexcam sites are open to everyone, even visitors who have not yet registered.
  • Private porn chats – private chats are the same 1-on-1 that you know from other adult webcam sites.
  • Party Chat – This is a standard free gay chat, but you can so other members' comments, so it feels, supposedly, like a party.
  • Gold Show – These are group shows where the model "collects" gold – or more accurately: Commitment to give gold, until they reach their goal. Usually the amount is between 10 and 15 "gold". When the goal is reached, the guys start a group porn show. If the goal is not reach by the time the clock countdown ends, there is no show and no one is charged. Tips are also encouraged.
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Quality of video

Many of the hot gays on Streamen are from North America or Europe and they have good web cameras – not always the latest technology, but still pretty good. The site's platform is professional and well-maintained and the image usually looks smooth and seamless.

Putting your money where your mouth is is a reasonably priced adult webcam site. Cost is, on average, around 3.99 golds per minute for private chat, but that average is not really a reflection of costs because many guys charge substantially less – usually around 1.99 per minute. The reason the average is higher is that some men do overcharge and have ridiculous cots of 8 or 9 golds per minute. Do some comparison and prefer guys who charge up to 4 or 5 golds per minute, no more.

Gold Shows can cost as little as 1 gold per minute.

How much does each 'gold' cost? It depends. For Europeans gold equals one euro and for North Americans it equals one US dollar.

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Ways to pay

There aren't all that many payment options available on this gay webcam chat service. You can use Visa and MasterCard, of course, but your only other options are Discover and JCB.


The basic membership on is free and registration is quick and easy. However, in order to join, you will need to register your credit card details – not to buy Gold, just to register with a credit card.

How many xxx guys?

This website has a lot of live chat rooms – not in the hundreds, but definitely near 100. There are probably like 8,800 registered male models, but I found at least 80 or so online, ready to chat, whenever I visited, and I visited quite a few times in different days and hours when I did the research for this Streamen review.

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Help when needed

If you have some questions about (not that this is likely, it's a very simple and user-friendly service), you can contact the site via email, phone or live chat. You can also visit the FAQ page and find some quick answers to commonly asked questions, and from what I saw it's a fairly informative one.

Positives and negatives


✔ - Nude gay chats from 1 'gold' per minute
✔ - Free membership
✔ - User-friendly website


✖ - Not all of the web cameras are amazing
✖ - Some men charge as much as 9 'golds' per minute

Summing it all up

Okay – we've gone through the facts, figures and details and now is the time to draw some conclusions. If you ask for my humble opinion, this homosexual chat community is one of the best choices for guys. I am not surprised it's so popular: It's inviting, easy to navigate through and features naked gay porn shows with zero complications. If you've reached the end of my Streamen review and you are still unsure about whether or not you should join it, I have a simple solution for you. Thanks to the free chat rooms, which are open to all, you can simply go to and view the guys for your own eyes, with no commitment. Give it a try, see how hot the men are and look around. Like it? Join. Don't like it? I have plenty more gay cam reviews in store.


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